Coping Skills - Worst New Music CWR 005



/25 silver glitter cassettes with black ink imprint.
/125 black cassettes with white ink imprint.
Comes with a digital download of the album!

On April 13th, Coping Skills is putting out a new record they’re calling Worst New Music, mostly because it fucking sucks, and they wanted to tell you that first. But also it’s because the idea of Music Taste is a late capitalist branding tool that only stands to benefit tech companies and major labels. Music criticism, as much as it even still exists in 2018, is a vehicle for ads for alcohol brands owned by InBev more often than it is anything else. (Also, hello, InBev if you’re reading this, Coping Skills would love to discuss the possibility of a more direct sponsorship opportunity.)

Anyway, behind that real firebrand of a title are more moving, endearing, and occasionally upsetting songs about, like, the exhausting burden of living under capitalism, post-millennial rot, and the ways mental health can affect both individuals and relationships. There’s still jokes and stuff, so it’s not that serious. But it kinda is.