anna ladd - the boulder in my belly is a peanut butter jelly CWR 002


First pressing of 50 gold tapes with white ink imprint.
Comes with a digital download of the album!

From anna:
"when i was six and started to eat in the cafeteria, my parents told me that i was only allowed to get ice cream on fridays. because i had unsupervised and seemingly limitless access to ice cream, i did not listen to them. until one afternoon, i punched in my lunch number, and they took my tray of nuggets away while handing me a pink slip and a peanut butter jelly, letting me know that i was out of money. i took this the wrong way and went home crying, terrified to admit to my parents that I had brought our family to bankruptcy with my ice cream consumption.

most of the time, being an adult feels like someone just whacked you in the face with a limp cafeteria sandwich. this is a record about that."

Released May 5, 2017